Research Skills Training

Oceanik Psi Ltd. is excited to offer several research skill training courses. These are courses that will skill up your workforce to conduct your own basic research. The courses are held on site, and normally a topic (or two) is chosen that your organisation is typically thinking of conducting. 

So you get 'two' birds with one stone. You get the research project completed and you get staff trained so that there is more understanding and capacity to conduct future similar work. We offer 2, 3 & 5 day courses. They can of course be taken consecutively, or if you want, they can be spread out over time. If none of these courses suit your needs, why not enquire and we can see if a custom built course can be made for your organisation.

Two Day Course 

This course is an ideal introduction to people who have had little research training but who maybe exposed to research practices at their workplace. The course (12 hours), could be run as two consecutive days, or as 4 separate 3 hour blocks.

Course Outline

  • Terms and Definitions (variables, cases, confounding variables) 
  • Research philosophy (testing models) 
  • Research practices (Quantitative vs. Qualitative: case studies, surveys, experiments) 
  • Use of Numbers 
  • Frequencies 
  • Research Design (Basic) 

Three Day Course 

This course is an ideal for a group that wants to understand more than the research process and actually go along the course of conducting and analysing a basic monitoring programme that includes and analysis of frequency data, both as numerical indices and in the ability to chart frequencies. Basic use of spreadsheet formats to analyse data is given. 

Course Outline

In addition to the course structure of the Two Day Course, the course outline consists of:;

  • Research Design (standard) 
  • Interpretation of data (frequencies) 

Five Day Course

The Five Day Course, will give the team a basic understanding of research up to the level of looking at correlations and interpreting them. In addition the course gives an overview of inferential statistics and an overview of the kind of key points to look for in research that is being conducted by outsiders. In other words enough information to keep consultants 'honest' in the information that they give which is relevant to the research issues.

Course Outline

In addition to the Three Day Course, this course covers:

  • Research Design (medium) 
  • Basic inferential statistics 
  • Chi-square test for frequency analysis 
  • Correlations, and their inferences 

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