Quantitative Research Offerings

We can make you see the wood for the trees. If you need to collect and analyse quantitative data, then we can help at any stage of your research requirements,from design through to implementation, and then finally the analysis and presentation of your research.

Empirical Data Research

We have ‘hard core’ empirical data research capabilities in the social and biological sciences. We feel very comfortable working with quantitative data sets, but more importantly, we strive to make you feel comfortable that the data we collect for you is meaningful and relevant. We don’t collect data for the sake of it. We will however explain what we think has to be done and why, in an easy to understand manner.

What we will not do, is pretend that we are super smart boffins who will dazzle you with technical know how in the hope that you will trust us.

Descriptive Statistics

We will present relevant descriptive data. Most of our reports tend to put large tabular data in appendices for your reference. But in the main body of the report we tend to use graphs or charts, or tables that are not much more than a 3x3 table. We will work with confidence intervals that you specify (and if you don’t understand confidence intervals we will help you to understand them).

Inferential Statistics

We work with meaningful effect sizes and conduct statistical power analyses for virtually all our inferential statistical analyses (and again if you haven’t heard of these before, we will help you to understand them and what it means to your own data).

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